Wildflower Honey
Wildflower Honey "Berestoff A.S." Altaysvet, 8.46 oz
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Wildflower Honey "Berestoff A.S." Altaysvet, 8.46 oz

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Honey "Berastoff A.S." Altaysvet it is brought from the best apiaries of the central part of Altai Krai. Besides the well-known Altai sunflower, more than 20 rare melliferous herbs grow here, many of which meet only in Altai.   
Origin: Kuryinsky district, Altai Krai 
Botanical structure: steppe raznotravy (can be present: dudnik, cock's head, sage, sunflower and other melliferous herbs) 
Honey bouquet: Aroma of the blossoming summer meadow, fresh notes of a clover, a dandelion, warm aroma of a sunflower. Noble taste with a peppermint note. 
Altai honey is an environmentally friendly product, the raw material for which is given by the pristine nature.
These are Alpine meadows, tundra forests, and floodplain lowlands.
All zones have their own climatic feature, which is transmitted through the herbs delicious and very useful honey. It is believed that the richest bribes of honey gives herbs of the region, although in the Altai region there are many homogeneous honey arrays, from which single-flyer varieties of honey are obtained.
Recommendations about the use:
As an effective prophylactic flower honey is used in traditional medicine at various types of cold, and sometimes and as sedative.
At migraine and nervous breakdowns it is recommended to have tea with laurel and eucalyptus leaves and flower honey. 
The nutrition value (100g.): carbohydrates of 80,3 g, caloric content are 324 Kcal. 
Shelf life: To store at a temperature not over 20 ° С within 2 years of date of packing.
Product form:
Glass jar 240 g
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