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Assorted chocolate and caramel candies in a gift box "Russian lacquer miniature", Winter Forest, 0.33 lb
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Assorted chocolate and caramel candies in a gift box "Heart" 1 lb
Gift Box "Siberian Treasures" 3D engraving
Gift Box "Siberian Treasures" 2D engraving
Chocolate prunes in Gift box "Kremlina" 400g
Dried apricots in chocolate with walnut KREMLINA, 190g
- 50%
Matreshka prunes in chocolate with walnuts in a tube, 250g
- 46%
Matreshka dried apricots in chocolate KREMLINA, 250g
Prunes in chocolate KREMLINA in wooden Rose vase, 400 g
Assorted Chocolate Candy in a lacquer box "Putin", KREMLINA, 300 g
"KREMLINKA" CHERRY in chocolate in a carved wooden box, 150g
Wooden vase for sweets - Heart, Prunes in chocolate KREMLINA, 400g
Candy cherry chocolate glaze carved casket - Matryoshka, 200g
A large wooden matryoshka chocolates and candies inside 1 Lb
Candy Set Placed in Matryoshka, 2 lb / 900 g
Candy Set "SLAVYANKA" Placed in Matryoshka, 1 lb / 0.44 kg
Candy Set Assortment from Moscow confectioneries Placed in Matryoshka, 1 lb / 0.44 kg
Chocolate candies with Dried Apricots in birch bark Box, 300 g

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Exclusive Sweets - Chocolate candy in stunning gift box.

Russian candy factory known for natural products. Sweet and beautiful masterpieces of Russian masters-chocolatiers are a symbiosis of traditional technologies and unusual tastes.

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  • Sophisticated gift sets of chocolates and sweets for your favorite women. Russian chocolate candies in the original box will perfectly complement the bouquet for your beloved, and the original and beautiful gift chocolate with fruit and berry flavor will please any mom.
  • Strict and laconic candy sets for men. Russian chocolate with a tart taste of Italian coffee or cognac will be appreciated by any representative of the strong half of humanity. Here you will find gift candies in boxes for your beloved man, colleagues, superiors and business partners.
  • Gift sets of Russian chocolate for the holidays. Chocolate assorted in a stylish elegant package will make a splash among your friends. This gift set of chocolate is suitable for any occasion: birthday, New year, wedding, etc.
    You can choose from assorted chocolates in boxes of various shapes or multi-tiered chocolate sets — they will make a lasting impression on guests.
  • Russian sweets for children. Your child will be delighted with sweets, because they combine excellent taste and natural ingredients. Useful fruits in caramel will appreciate all without exception.

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