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SKU: 201611
Russian Bliny/Crepes with Cherry
Russian Bliny/Crepes with Cherry

Manhattan delivery

SKU: 201557
Russian Blinu/Crepes with Red Caviar
Russian Blinu/Crepes with Red Caviar

Manhattan delivery

Catering with Russian Delicacy

If you're looking to impress your guests, take advantage of our online store's top quality Food catering services!

Unexpected visit of guests, business meeting, celebration - we with great pleasure serve your table with dishes of Russian cuisine.

You will get than meal: you need peace of mind that someone you trust will take care of every detail.

That’s why we serve more than just excellent food — we are here to serve you. With our Food Catering Services you will feel what is it means - stress-free planning of meeting your guests. online store offers a wide range of dishes:

  • Pickled Vegetable Platter
  • Cheese Plate
  • Russian Blini/Crepes with Cherry
  • Assorted Fish Platter
  • Meat plate
  • Salmon fish plate
  • Pirogki
  • Russian Blinu/Crepes with Red Caviar
  • Fruit plate

We regularly replenish stocks of dishes of Food Catering Services, so we always have the freshest for sale.

All russian food you can buy online at affordable price and we’ll deliver your order worldwide.
Our shop is always a good choice since:

  • The cost is adequate and client-friendly
  • Our organic food delivery partners are reliable
  • We genuinely care about our customers and their needs
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