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Fastum Gel, 1.05 oz / 30 g
Fastum Gel, 1.05 oz / 30 g
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Fastum Gel, 1.05 oz / 30 g
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Fastum Gel, 1.05 oz / 30 g

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Fastum Gel is a contemporary highly effective remedy which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. The active component is Ketoprofen 2,5%.

Indications for use:

⦁ the pain of traumatic origin (bruises, sprain of ligaments and muscles);
⦁ the tension and stiffness of the neck muscles;
⦁ lumbago (pain in lumbar-sacral region of the spine);
⦁ muscle, bone and joint pain of rheumatic origin (e.g., osteoarthritis).

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