Farmer cheese with Rasins
Farmer cheese with Rasins
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Farmer cheese with Rasins
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Farmer cheese with Rasins

Caltured pasterised milk Grade A,High fructose,rasinsOur life is full of stress and negative emotions. Everyone tries to cope with this situation in his own way. Some of us withstand stress by means of smoking or other substances. Some people find support in the bosom of their family. Others fight the vicissitudes of life with help of regular exercising.
We are tying to fight with them in different ways. Some people get rid of stress by means of cigarettes. Others cope with problems through physical exercises.
But there is much more simple means of struggle! Try exclusively delicious Farmer cheese with raisins and make sure that you have never met anything so tasty and beneficial at the same time! Just one spoon of this dessert will release you from negative effects of stress!
Yet Farmer cheese with raisins is appreciated by the consumers not only for its incredible palatability. Its manufacturing process involves the best, absolutely natural primary products. As a result this cheese is balanced in microelements, vitamins and nutrients..
Farmer cheese with raisins is beneficial for different age and health groups. Still its utility for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers is just inestimable!. Due to high content of vitamin B12 it contributes greatly to DNA synthesis of myelin and makes for the synthesis of fatty acids, cholesterol and steroid hormones.
Instead of sugar it contains fructose and this is the reason why it is strongly recommended for people that suffer from diabetes and obesity.
Enumeration of beneficial properties and positive effects of this product is a difficult task!
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