Expert Eye Cream Adaptive Cellular Rejuvenation 56+, 0.5 oz/ 15 Ml

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Black Pearl

Expert Eye Cream Adaptive Cellular Rejuvenation 56+ Description

Expert Cream Black Pearl "Adaptive cellular rejuvenation" for age 56 years - the first cream that adapts to the needs of the eyelid skin. We can say that the cream adapts to any skin needs, anticipating or correcting age-related changes.

Thanks to the innovative formula of cream and massage roller cooling, eye cream tones the skin around the eyes , removing fatigue manifestations: puffiness and dark circles, removes puffiness and reduces even deep wrinkles. When combined with cream expert Black Pearl, both cream enhances the effect of each other, providing deeper penetration of active ingredients and more lasting results.

Main components:
- Bio- proteins
- Lifting the fort complex
- Shea butter (shea butter)
- Poly-antioxidants Regulation of care:
sharing complex of day, night cream and eye cream 2 times increases rejuvenating effectiveness of care than the use of only one day cream.

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