Endocrinol, 30 tab
Endocrinol, 30 tab
$ 17.99
Endocrinol, 30 tab
SKU: 201290

Endocrinol, 30 tab

Brand: Evalar

White bloodroot rhizomes and roots, white bloodroot grass, Stellaria average, vitamin E. "Endocrinol - non-drug herbal remedy for the normalization of thyroid function on the basis of the best folk recipes.

Capsules Endocrinol "contain extracts of cinquefoil and white Stellaria - sources of flavonoids and vitamin E, which helps normalize the level of thyroid hormones, regardless of whether it is raised or lowered (for hypo-and hyper).

Capsules Endocrinol is not a cure and can be successfully applied to the health of the thyroid gland.
Additionally, use cosmetic cream "Endocrinol for the neck! Cream Endocrinol "as well as the capsule, contains extracts from the white cinquefoil, Stellaria and toadflax.

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