Decorative Plate
Decorative Plate "Feast", 10 cm
$ 5.99
Decorative Plate
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Decorative Plate "Feast", 10 cm

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SKU: 201196
Decorative porcelain plate - an elegant and original gift to your friends and family who will be passed on from generation to generation, and we'll be happy if he becomes a family heirloom.
Wall decorative plate - this is a constant attribute of a modern house, which with time becomes more valuable, and some products may become the subject of antiques.
These products should not eat - all decorative plates. Our wall plates are the perfect complement to your interior.

Ceramic dishes with a special sublimation coating that provides high quality transfer of full-color images on a plate. The image is not subject to abrasion and fading. The external diameter of the dish - 10 cm. Each plate is attached plastic stand vertically on a horizontal surface (table, shelf). Photos on the plate is transferred by sublimation under high temperature and pressure. The image on the plate is resistant to ultraviolet rays
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