Decorative Plate
Decorative Plate "Taking a Snow Town", Vasily Surikov, 7.8"
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Decorative Plate
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Decorative Plate "Taking a Snow Town", Vasily Surikov, 7.8"

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The decorative porcelain plate is a REFINED and ORIGINAL GIFT to your friends and relatives which will pass from father to son, and we will be glad if it becomes a family relic.
The wall decorative plate is an invariable attribute of the MODERN HOUSE which gets in due course the increasing value, and some products can become antiques subject.
All plates decorative and it cannot be used on kitchen. Our wall plates will be fine addition to your interior.

Ceramic plates with a special covering which provides high-quality carrying over of images on a plate. The image is not subject to deleting and fading. External diameter of a plate - 10 centimetres. The plastic support is applied on each plate for a vertical arrangement on a horizontal surface (a table, a shelf). The photo on a plate is transferred by a sublimation method, under the influence of a heat and pressure. The image on a plate is steady against ultra-violet beams.

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