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Dead Sea Black Clay, 3.52 oz / 100 g
Dead Sea Black Clay, 3.52 oz / 100 g
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Dead Sea Black Clay, 3.52 oz / 100 g
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Dead Sea Black Clay, 3.52 oz / 100 g

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Who among us doesn't like face-care masks, home SPA? We offer a super-economical product for cleansing and toning the skin at home.

The black clay of the Dead Sea. To be more precise, it's the mud of the Dead Sea. 
  • It is more plastic
  • Contains elements such as magnesium, iron, calcium, quartz, strontium
  • The main property of clay is the effect on metabolic processes in cells (cells are cleaned, the extra layer is removed, the skin is imbued with minerals and begins to be intensively renewed.
  • Black clay fits normal, oily and problematic skin
  • Removes inflammation, aligns skin tone, fights black dots, mattes skin, normalizes sebaceous glands, dries skin
The mud of the Dead Sea is silt sulphide mud, and not sea, but mainland. After all, the Dead Sea itself is a lake that has no runoff, salty, and dirt of this type is formed just at the bottom of such reservoirs with salt water.
It has a high mineralization, that is, contains salts in a very high concentration. In the silt sediment contains exactly those substances that are dissolved in the water of the reservoir itself. The water of the Dead Sea has more than 30 types of mineral salts. These are chlorides and bromides, sulfates and sulfides of such elements as calcium, potassium, sodium, copper, zinc, iron, manganese, sulfur, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and others.

Their impact is multifaceted:

  • Manganese compounds have a beneficial effect on circulation;
  • Zinc and bromine ions are used for antimicrobial purposes;
  • Sodium and magnesium salts intensify amino acid synthesis and intracellular metabolism;
  • Calcium ions lower the threshold of sensitivity of the peripheral pain receptors of the skin and reduce the permeability of cell membranes.
The main property, but far from the only, silt sulphide mudis is that they have a pronounced bactericide effect. This effect is caused by the unique ability of huminous substances to bind the ions of cells of pathogens and various inorganic substances, which, in turn, causes the destruction of pathogens and neutralization of toxins.
The clay of the Dead Sea has healing properties, and its treatment, or peloidotherapy, was the result of its unique chemical composition and, among other things, the presence of active components in it.
Make the mask at home is very simple: you will need warm water and a bowl. Apply the resulting composition on the face excluding the areas around the eyes and above the lip, the not too thick layer.
Leave for 10-12 minutes. The mask does not dry up like a crust, does not tighten the skint. In a while, soak the mask with water to begin with, and then wash thoroughly. If you do not soak the mask, it is difficult to wash off the clay.
Storage conditions
The clay should be stored out of reach of children at a temperature not higher than 10 degrees Celsius.
Expiration date
The shelf life is not limited.

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