Dark Bread Nicholas II, 1 pc

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The Russians say "Bread is the head of everything". And this opinion is eagerly shared by a number of nations all over the world for which bread is a most traditional staple. Despite all the debates and arguments raised around this important product, recent researches have shown that bread contains lots of essential microelements and vitamins that are indispensable for human organism. Especially this concerns dark rye bread.

We offer authentic Russian bread baked according to the original recipes using advanced manufacturing sciences. Unique and unforgettable taste of Dark Bread NIKOLAS II will plunge you into the romantic atmosphere of pre-revolutionary Russia. Make sure that when toasted this bread just has no equals in terms of odor delicacy! Besides a brilliant combination of natural ingredients contributes greatly to your health and cheerfulness, fills you with energy and vigor!

Indulge yourself with delicious and exceptionally useful Dark Bread NIKOLAS II!

Ingredients: rye flour, enriched wheat flour, iron, water, molases, salt, yeast


Dark Bread Nicholas II, 1 pc
Dark Bread NIKOLAS II Dark Bread Nicholas II, 1 pc
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Sheron Lutz
Aug 9, 2018
I love this bread!!! So, yummy! It is good to smell after a nice smooth shot of vodka and of course to eat as well. My family always laughs at me when I smell the bread. But what can I say it is in my blood. This bread is really good and I must say I do love it. It is a nice strong bread and is very tasty too. Great with everything! I serve this bread when I make my borsch.