Cream Honey With Ginger, 220g
Cream Honey With Ginger, 220g
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Cream Honey With Ginger, 220g
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Cream Honey With Ginger, 220g

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Cream honey with pine nuts is a special Siberian dessert made from natural products. The best varieties of flower honey are whipped with special mixers to a creamy state, due to which the dessert gets a gentle uniform texture. It will appeal to those who do not like traditional honey because of the characteristic cloying and harsh aroma.

Cream honey, longer than regular honey, retains its texture and appearance, and does not thicken. And the process of crystallization of sugars stops due to the large amount of oxygen, which the product enriches in the process of whipping.

Ginger gives cream honey its characteristic speck, gives brightness and energy to the taste of the product. It has long been known about the positive effects of ginger on the human body. In addition, the active substances of ginger relieve mental and physical fatigue, improve immunity.

Ingredients: natural honey, dried ginger.
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