Cosmetic Grape Seed Oil, 1 oz/ 30 Ml
Cosmetic Grape Seed Oil, 1 oz/ 30 Ml
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Cosmetic Grape Seed Oil, 1 oz/ 30 Ml
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Cosmetic Grape Seed Oil, 1 oz/ 30 Ml


Grape seed oil contains 70% of essential fatty acids, including linoleic acid, vitamin E, tannins. Oil has a light texture, almost no color and smell. Grapeseed oil also contains a high level of compounds called procyanidin dimers that act as aromatase inhibitors, which is believed to be another way they may help prevent and treat cancer.

Primary benefits:
Regulates the functions of cell membranes, as well as sweat glands
Contributes to the removal from the body of oxidized violent radicals
Improves skin elasticity, eliminates stretch marks, moisturizes, softens, tones and refreshes
Effective for treatment of bruises, burns, cracks in the skin.
Gives the elasticity and tone in the fight against cellulite
Helps with varicose and dilated (strengthens and makes the elastic walls of blood vessels)
It is used in hair care and nail care.
Maintains a balance of fat and moisture in the skin.
Significantly slows down the aging process, nourishing the skin, saturating it with vitamins.

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