Coriander Fruits, 1.76 oz/50 g

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Coriander Fruits Description

essential oil, the main component of which is linalool, terpenes, fatty oil, traces of alkaloids, proteins, in addition, coriander containing calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B complex and vitamin C.The part of the world, which regularly cultivates coriander, is India, China, Malaysia, Thailand, the US and European countries. Coriander is rich in vitamins and minerals. Coriander contains calcium, phosphorous, iron, few vitamins from Vitamin B-complex group and Vitamin C. This is the reason why it is freely advised in any condition related to avitaminosis. Coriander helps improving digestion. It helps in stimulating hunger to patients who are anorexic. Coriander helps relieving distention in addition. The properties of coriander are cholagogic, antiseptic, analgetic, expectorant, diuretic and many others.

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