Roshen Chocolate "Elegance" Extra Dark 60%, 3.52 oz / 100 g

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Roshen Chocolate "Elegance" Extra Dark 60% Description

Welcome a new sort of chocolate produced by Roshen – Chocolate Elegance extra black 60%. The form of the bar has changed considerably compared with the previous edition. Now it is not a whole piece of chocolate, it is divided into smaller parts giving an opportunity to comfortably enjoy magnificent flavour every time, every occasion. The novelty is a good gift for real funs of chocolate. Every piece of the bar will grant refine taste of pure chocolate.

This Chocolate Elegance extra black contains 60% of cocoa and is notable for its premium quality. It also contains sugar, grated cocoa, cocoa oil, cocoa powder. Sometimes bits of nuts can be noticed.
Constant studies of chocolate qualities show that this product is really good for health. As energy-rich food it is second to none. Recent BBC studies prove that melting chocolate in the mouth increases heart rate and brain activity. What is more curious, the effect lasts 4 times as long after the end of activity.

As it is always eaten for pleasure chocolate makes us feel happier. The key moment here is not to consume more than 25 grams a day. Adequate consumption of this product benefits circulatory system and acts as brain stimulator and anticancer agent. More over it prevents cough, has a positive effect on digestive system and saves from dyspepsia. An aphrodisiac effect is still to be proved.

The caloric content of chocolate is rather high, so it can increase the risk of obesity. To protect you from this disorder it is important to control the amount of candies eaten. Though it is really hard to resist the temptation of taking delight of Roshen Chocolate.

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