Chocolate Candy Mix by Slavyanka Factory, 1 lb / 0.44 kg

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chocolate candy mix

Chocolate Candy Mix by Slavyanka Factory Description

Mix Slavyanka includes candies with different fillings: French Zefir - delicate souffle candy with strawberry flavor; Truffle; Ksyusha - fssorted candy in the form of dolls with milk chocolate with a soft cream filling with the taste of caramelized sugar; Children's souvenir - assorted chocolates in milk and dark chocolate, in the form of animal figures, with original cream filling; Pineapple candies; Meteorite - original caramel with roasted nuts with crushed nuts; Baked Milk - wafer candy covered with white glaze, with milk filling, with the addition of dairy products, with the scent of warm milk; Chocolate Castle - wafer sweets of five dairy wafer sheets and four layers of milk-cream filling and chocolate cream; New miracle - wafer candy with a soft cream filling, topped with crushed nuts and covered with chocolate; Small miracle - crispy shell covered with chocolate in delicate cream; Gentle Miracle - wafer candy with a soft cream filling, topped with coconut and covered with white icing; Levyushka - glazed butter jelly with a soft caramel;

Exact contents of candy mix depend on our stock. Candies are replaceable.

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