Korean Style Spicy Carrot

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Korean Style Spicy Carrot Description

Carrot "Korean style" with hot spices.
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Excellent. Very satisfied.
My containers did not have any identification papers on them. Looks like a local deli product. And I love it! Spicy, little bit hot, moist, perfect combination. Will buy again, for sure.
Always include the Korean spicy carrots with every order.

I can’t go without this tasty treat.
Not properly prepare, carrot still have a sweet taste
in my list carrotwill be number two GREAT THANK YOU VERY MUCH
Not spicy enough and a little bit dry.
Like at home!
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I will continue to order this in the future. Wonderful, flavorful, not so spicy but carrots were still crunchy and delicious. Americans will believe this is a Korean kimchi (fermented cabbage) like product due to the name, should you wish to have them try it just call it "crunchy carrot salad" and they will love it.

...and if they don't, more for us.