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Borodinsky Bread, 1 pc
Borodinsky Bread, 1 pc

Manhattan & Bronx delivery

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Borodinsky Bread, 1 pc


Manhattan & Bronx delivery


Have you ever been to Russia? If yes, then you have already known of the widespread inexplicable, strange passion of Russian people for bread. However, for the Russians themselves their love is quite natural and clear. From time immemorial bread has been food product number one in every Russian house. The folk immortalized it in numerous proverbs and sayings. While writers and poets dedicate  their masterpieces to bread!

At present the wide usage of bread is spread all over the world. It also has not lost its popularity in Russia and the countries of CIS. There are plenty of different sorts and brands of bread today but among them all, Borodynskiy Bread  is the most beloved and revered. Spicy and at the same time delicate and tasty it has long ago won the hearts of consumers across the globe! But it is only in Russia where Borodynskiy enjoys enduring fame! It was named after the glorious victory of the Russian troops over the Napoleon's army and this is one more reason why it's so dear to Russian people!

Although its list of ingredients is quite short, the beneficial properties of Borodynsky are quite inestimable!

Enjoy the delicacy and usefulness of genuine Borodynsky bread and feel its taste and energy in every crumb!

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Очень вкусный хлеб!

I purchase Borodinsky Bread every year for our church food festival. It goes wonderfully with my borscht and schi. So glad you stock it. Elizabeth

Reminds me of my childhood! Rich taste and the best rye bread i could find in the states.

DELICIOUS! This is a very hearty, chewy ,dense bread that you can make a sandwich with.

This is nothing like American white or wheat bread. This is real bread. Will double my order next time.

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