Mineral Water Borgomi (Plastic Bottle), 25.36 oz / 0.75 liter

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Mineral Water Borgomi (Plastic Bottle) Description

Healing properties of Borjomi mineral water has been known from ancient times. It was scientifically proven that Borjomi springs had been discovered over a thousand years ago. Apparently, in those days, this water was used basically for bathing.

Second peak of popularity occurred in the 19 century. Since then properties of Borjomi mineral water began to be investigated systematically. At the present time the fame of Borjomi has spread all over the world. The very word «Borjomi» became an international term!

This legendary mineral water combines in perfect proportion purity, smooth taste and useful properties.
Borjomi is recommended to all categories of people. From drinking this miraculous water will benefit consumes with various states of health ranging from severe chronic diseases to absolutely healthy condition.

Borjomi is especially useful for those who is subjected to disorders of digestive system and metabolism. According to nutritionists this water favors weight loss.

Even people with immaculate state of health will benefit from usage of Borjomi mineral water. Crystal-clean, smooth and delicious it perfectly quenches thirst and elevates your vitality!

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