Body Cream w/ Apple, Honey, and Rosehip (Gzel), 12.5 oz/ 370 Ml

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Natura Siberica

Body Cream w/ Apple Description

The formula of this unique Body Cream combines traditional Siberian recipe and innovative technologies to help make your skin look younger. 

It contains wild Siberian herbs full of vitamins and micro-elements. 
Organic extract of Northern apples has a truly amazing beneficial properties. Thanks to high concentration of strong antioxidants it regenerates and tones your skin, makes it more supple and elastic and protects your skin against environmental impacts. 
Organic Honey from West Siberia is full of micro-elements and vitamins. It is a perfect aid to tone your skin and reduce its fading.
Enriched with vitamins A,C,E,F and fatty acids, Wild Rose Oil intensively moisturises your skin keeping it young and beautiful.
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