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Birch Bark Box Russian Cathedrals 2x2.5
Birch Bark Box Russian Cathedrals 2x2.5"
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Birch Bark Box Russian Cathedrals 2x2.5"



The birch bark round box with a lid is stable and does not slip on the table surface due to its texture.

100% Natural organic birch bark box - an excellent natural container for storing any bulk products - salt, sugar, tea, cereals, etc.

Birch is a natural antiseptic, so any products in the tueskas will be stored for a long time, and the beautiful appearance will please the eye. Great for gift - beautiful natural appearance will not leave anyone indifferent.

In addition, a birch bark box will be a great gift for lovers of natural materials and connoisseurs of an eco-friendly lifestyle. It will delight you with its beauty and functionality for many years.

Care advice
Caring for birch bark boxes is quite simple, you need to periodically wipe it from dust with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

Material : Natural wooden birch bark

Size : H 2.5", D 2"

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