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Blueberry Forte, 50 tab
Blueberry Forte, 50 tab
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Blueberry Forte, 50 tab
SKU: 200750

Blueberry Forte, 50 tab

Brand: Evalar


The bilberry's ability to improve vision is known in folk medicine for a long time and its fame was confirmed by numerous studies. Bilberries improve eye acuity, reduce eye fatigue caused by continuous work under artificial lighting, accelerate renewal of retina, that is sensitive to light.

PROPERTIES Bilberry-Forte with Vitamins and Zinc is a balanced complex of vitamins, microelements and biologically active substances, necessary for daily support of vision and lowering risk of eye diseases. Biologically active substances of bilberry (anthocyanins, organic acids, carotenes, pectic substances, microelements), acting in complex with vitamins of group B, C, P and zinc:
- prevent eye fatigue, irritation and weakening of vision;
- improve vision adaptation to darkness;
- strengthen vascular walls, including eye grounds;
- have a positive effect for vitamins deficit and disorders connected with it;
- improve health in general.

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