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SKU: 205475
Natural Altai Honey "Ussuriski Balm", 17.65 oz / 500 g
SKU: 205467
Natural Altai Honey "Healer", 17.65 oz/ 500 g
SKU: 205470
Natural Altai Honey "Taiga Healer", 17.65 oz/ 500 g
SKU: 205474
Natural Siberian Altai Honey "Zdravnik", 17.65 oz / 500 g
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SKU: 205457
Natural Altai Honey "Buckwheat", 17.65 oz / 500 g
The essence of activity of our company is a search and the choice of the best honey which is collected by the Russian beekeepers. Our experts from May to September continuously are in honey expeditions, choose the best honey on the best apiaries of the main melliferous regions of the country. We make a honey collection of a harvest every year.
We are engaged in this activity more than 10 years. We have made the fullest map of apiaries of Russia, have developed unique system of quality of honey and products of beekeeping.
The main value which we create is granting an opportunity to inhabitants of all planet to receive the real honey which gathers for thousands of kilometers from them. It is the honey which has kept in itself all natural power of the place of the birth.
Natural honey and products of beekeeping "Berestov A.S." are presented in retail outlets of our partners more than in 150 cities of Russia. We represent the widest scale of honey and products of beekeeping of a harvest of the current year at the Berestovsky fairs held annually in the large cities of Russia.
We are guided in the work as honesty, sincerity and diligence.