Honey Berestoff A.S.Highland Altaysvet, 8.46 oz
Honey Berestoff A.S.Highland Altaysvet, 8.46 oz
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Honey Berestoff A.S.Highland Altaysvet, 8.46 oz
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Honey Berestoff A.S.Highland Altaysvet, 8.46 oz

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Honey "Berastoff A.S." Highland Altaysvet is brought from the best apiaries of the southern foothills of Altai.
Thanks to unique mineral structure of soils and a combination of curative South Altai melliferous herbs, the Highland Altaysvet Honey is rich with minerals and amino acids, and also possesses the raised diastazny number.
Origin: Altai Krai
Botanical structure: mountain herbs (may be present: lungwort, cyanosis, angelica, Angelica sylvestris, sow thistle)
Honey bouquet: Aroma of mountain herbs and almond oil. Taste is saturated, deep, with sharpness in aftertaste.
Directions: It is considered that Highland Altaysvet Honey is an excellent prophylactic for immunity increase (the noticeable effect is reached at the use of 1 tablespoon of honey every day). Also Highland Honey is recommended to accept at stresses, violations of endocrine system, cardiovascular diseases. Besides, it is considered that he perfectly removes salts and toxins.
The nutrition value (100g.): carbohydrates of 80,3 g, caloric content are 324 Kcal. 
Shelf life:: To store at a temperature not over 20 ° within 2 years of date of packing.
Altai honey is an environmentally friendly product, the raw material for which is given by the pristine nature. These are Alpine meadows, tundra forests, and floodplain lowlands.
All zones have their own climatic feature, which is transmitted through the herbs delicious and very useful honey.
It is believed that the richest bribes of honey gives herbs of the region, although in the Altai region there are many homogeneous honey arrays, from which single-flyer varieties of honey are obtained.
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