Gift set of chocolate candy "BELARUSIAN SOUVENIR", Kommunarka, 905 gr/ 2 lb

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Gift set of chocolate candy "BELARUSIAN SOUVENIR" Description

The festive mood and spirit of celebration is not only a beautiful elegant table, but also good presents made from the heart.
And if they are delicious and matched to the individuality of each hero of the occasion, then the mood of the recipient of the surprise will be better.

Sweets from Belarus will change the look of all the usual desserts.
Confectionery is a part of traditional Belarusian cuisine and occupies a special place in the food market. 
The reasons for this are a number, but the quality, above all!

  • Chocolate bitter dessert with filling "Chocolate bottles with cognac" - 85 g
  • Chocolate bitter dessert with filling "Chocolate bottles with liquor" - 225 g
  • "Forest true story" - 190 g
  • "Gentle" - 95 g
  • "Currant" - 80 g
  • "Souffle Minsk" Apple-40 g
  • "Forest song" - 110 g
  • "Little witch" - 80 g
Nutritional value of 100g of product:
proteins-4.9 g, 
fats – 27,0 g,
carbohydrates-50.5 g.
Energy value: 2043 kJ (488ккал)
Weight: 905 g
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A beautiful gift for the house - especially enjoyable are the cognac chocolate bottles filled with liquid full strength quality cognac.