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New Year Decoration Ball Painted Gzhel, 3
New Year Decoration Ball Painted Gzhel, 3"
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New Year Decoration Ball Painted Gzhel, 3
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New Year Decoration Ball Painted Gzhel, 3"



Gzhel drawing is an incredible and unique folk art of painting. Initially, "Gzhel" was called the area in the southeast of the Moscow region, rich in clay. 
The inhabitants of these villages were excellent masters of pottery, so over time, folk art, emerging from this region, was named in honor of this place. Such drawings are mentioned in ancient documents of the Grand Duke Ivan Kalita. In those days, Gzhel drawings were colored. 
Children and adults, mothers and fathers, grandparents with gentle trepidation and a certain childish immediacy are waiting for the approaching of the main holiday of the year. 
New Year is a time of magic and miracles, joy and fun, meetings with family and friends. 
Until 1700, the dates of the beginning of the new year were in spring or autumn and were marked by a revival of nature or events relating to the entire state and each of its inhabitants. 
Soviet Christmas-tree decorations are surely inferior in the mastery of decor to modern ones. 
But as often happens, a special toy instantly sets up a festive mood and creates New Year's magic. 
Such gizmos are taken out of the dusty box solemnly in the presence of the family and symbolically placed in the most prominent place. 
Now you can celebrate! Bright festive balloons in the Russian style with Gzhel motifs.
New Year Decoration Wooden Ball Painted Gzhel for your unique Christmas tree or the creation of a unique Christmas atmosphere! 
This Wooden Ball will become your heirloom and will be passed on from generation to generation. 
Such New Year Decoration revive our traditions. 
Such a set of toys will not leave anyone indifferent! Children will love the variety of good Christmas decorations, and adults will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of a real "Russian" New Year. 
It can be a great souvenir or gift for the holiday.
A bright New Year's set of toys will decorate your Christmas tree, create a feeling of an approaching holiday! The Christmas paintings on the figures are different, it will be very interesting for children to look at them and dream! 
Such cute toys can be hung on a Christmas tree or put in a small box and presented as a gift. In the winter Christmas holidays, such small gifts will always please with their individuality and colorfulness.

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