Original Sour Yogurt Drink Ayran, 16.68 oz / 473 ml

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Original Sour Yogurt Drink Ayran Description

Ingredients: cultured pasterurized milk, water, cream, whey protein, tapioka & com starch, salt

Ayran is justly considered to be one of the most healthy sour-milk products in the world. In its origin ayran appears to be a variety of kefir popular with highlanders and nomadic peoples.
For hundreds of years ago this drink was used extensively as a superb quencher and medicinal remedy. Nowadays the countless useful properties of ayran are known and appreciated all over the world. 
Our supermarket offers you to experience the real taste of traditional ayran – in Ayran classic sour/Yogurt drink of Merve’s production. You will encounter all the unique vitamins and nutrients characteristic for authentic ayran. It perfectly quenches thirst, increases oxygen flow to the lungs, strengthens our nervous system exerts a beneficial impact on the secretory activity of stomach and intestines and possesses evident antibacterial properties.
Ayran classic sour/Yogurt drink is produced from all-natural ingredients. Its unique manufacturing process provides exquisite taste of the traditional recipe with original useful properties combined in perfect proportion.

Original Sour Yogurt Drink Ayran, 16.68 oz / 473 ml
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