Body Butter with White Beeswax, Natural Oils, and Schisandra, 6.76 oz / 200 ml

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Natura Siberica


Thick white butter Natura Siberica is made on the basis of pure beeswax and natural oils of eight Siberian plants. This unique combination provides the most effective moisturizing, intensely nourishes, softens, smoothes skin and removes cellulite.

Oil of Siberian cedar and juniper oil remove swelling and improve blood circulation.

Siberian fir oil rejuvenates and smoothes the skin, improves elasticity.

Altai buckthorn oil and cloudberry seeds promote active skin renewal and protect it from free radical damage, leaving the skin supple and velvety.

Forest sage oil intensely nourishes, Daurian rosehip oil tones and firms the skin, white Siberian flax oil nourishes the skin with Vitamin E.

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Sheron Lutz
Aug 11, 2018
This Body Butter with White Beeswax, Natural Oils, and Schisandra is truly very very good! It makes your skin soft, smooth and is healing your skin at the same time.