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Hair Balm
Hair Balm "Protection & Energy" Rhodiola Rosea & Schisandra, Natura Siberica, 13.52 oz/ 400 Ml
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Hair Balm
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Hair Balm "Protection & Energy" Rhodiola Rosea & Schisandra, Natura Siberica, 13.52 oz/ 400 Ml



Siberia and the Far East contain the world's only remaining untouched natural resources and flora.
Plants grow here naturally, freely, abundantly.
To use this living energy for the benefit of health and beauty, we apply a minimum of artificial additives, use advanced technologies and strictly control all stages of production.
Because of this, the wild grasses can reveal their potential.
Natura Siberica is not just natural cosmetics and not just cosmetics made from herbs.
This is Russia's first organic cosmetic line and it really works.
Highly active wild grasses from Siberia and the Far East.
Modern formulas with the highest quality content of plant components.
At least 95% of ingredients are vegetable origin.
Certified organic extracts and oils.
Free of petrochemicals, silicones, parabens, artificial dyes.
Balsam based on natural extract Rhodiola Rosea is designed to protect your hair from harmful environmental exposures.
Rhodiola rosea contains a full range of antioxidants that enhance the protective function of the hair, renew and rejuvenate cells, repair damaged and brittle hair. Due to the content of vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, F), Schisandra chinensis fills the hair strength and energy, as well as toning tired and weakened hair, giving it a healthy look, a magical glow and vitality

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