Winter Long Sleeve Russian Navy Telnyashka Shirt, size 58 (European XL)

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Winter Long Sleeve Russian Navy Telnyashka Shirt Description

Winter double-knit telnyashka shirts are manufactured of knitted cotton fabric (100% cotton). Alternating navy and white horizontal stripes are 9-12 mm wide. The silhoute is straight with two side seams, long sleeves. Double knitting gives a greater thickness, so it better keeps warmth and does not wear out for a long time.
Knitted shirt keeps the body warm and wicks away moisture from the body. Telnyashka is made according to the technology of high-volume knit,  has a close fit, and the combination of air and natural cotton allows skin to breathe through the fabric.
Telnyashka has proven its quality for a long time. For many years fishermen, hikers, hunters, travelers choose such winter shirt as the best underwear. Wearing this telnyashka throughout the year you can be sure of never catching a cold. This shirt is a great gift for every man. 
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