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Whole-Ground Oat Flour, Altai Lifestyle, 500g/ 17.64oz
Whole-Ground Oat Flour, Altai Lifestyle, 500g/ 17.64oz
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Whole-Ground Oat Flour, Altai Lifestyle, 500g/ 17.64oz



Nutritional value 100g:
17.0 proteins
6.1 fats
61.3 carbohydrates
368 kcal
Scientists have proved that to start a new, healthy day, you need to have breakfast with oatmeal porridge. Its benefits are quite great, as evidenced by the complex of vitamins and minerals that are in the composition. In addition, flour from oat flakes will be an excellent base for cookies, pancakes, jelly.
Its positive effect on health is as follows:
  • balances and calms the nervous system, helps to overcome stressful situations, overcome depression, improve mood, normalize sleep;
  • it has a positive effect on the work of the brain, improves mental activity, memory, clarity;
  • removes toxins, has excellent absorbent abilities that help to remove heavy metals, salts from the body;
  • it has a beneficial effect on the gastric mucosa, adjusts the digestive processes, has a calming effect, it is useful to use for stomach diseases such as gastritis and ulcers;
  • promotes weight loss, is digested by the body for a long time, which gives a long feeling of satiety.
Oatmeal is a popular culinary product. In addition, since ancient times it has been used in Ayurvedic medicine and cosmetology. The low gluten content makes this product popular during therapeutic diets. Since there is no gluten in it, flaxseed flour is added to it for baking.
In cosmetology, they are used as masks, scrubs. They help to improve the skin color, tone, give an even matte shade, exfoliate and restore vitality to tired skin.
Oats is a cereal crop that has a high content of vitamins and minerals, among them group B, E, PP, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, sodium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, as well as fiber.
How to use:
To make culinary dishes, use according to the recipe. For cosmetic purposes, as the basis of scrubs and masks, it is necessary to take 2-3 teaspoons and add lemon juice, milk, honey, oils according to the skin type.
Whole grain oatmeal


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