Watercolor Paint
Watercolor Paint "White Nights" in pans by Nevskaya Palitra St. Petersburg 36 Set
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Watercolor Paint "White Nights" in pans by Nevskaya Palitra St. Petersburg 36 Set

⭐️ QUALITY. High-quality professional White Nights watercolor paints are characterized by a high pigment content and a rich color cast, which is preserved even with significant dilution with water. Paints adhere perfectly to paper, mix and blur, forming new shades, have excellent light fastness.

⭐️ FOR WHOM. The set is suitable for both professional artists and lovers of drawing and painting of any age.

⭐️ COLORS. zinc white, hanza yellow, lemon cadmium, medium cadmium yellow, yellow ocher, gold, dark gold, orange or titanium varnish, light red cadmium, ruby, carmine, light red speckle, light red iron oxide, pink or pink quinacridone, purple pink or lilac quinacridone, purple, bright blue or blue, ceruleum, cobalt blue, indanthrene blue or lacquer blue, ultramarine, indigo, turquoise or azure blue, yellow green, emerald green or green with chromium oxide, olive, natural sienna, amber, burnt amber, mars brown, burnt sienna, sepia gray payne, neutral black.

Great Gift Set "White Nights". Nevskaya palitra includes 36 watercolors in cuvettes and a brush "squirrel", assembled in a luxurious wooden box of birch. In the composition of watercolors, finely ground pigments with the addition of gum arabic are a bonding adhesive component of plant origin.
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