Warming Mask Body Scrub ANTI-CELLULITE, 13.52 oz / 400 ml

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Kafe Krasoti

Warming Mask Body Scrub ANTI-CELLULITE Description

Body scrub-mask is an effective addition to the body shaping program. Due to the active formula and composition, rich in valuable oils and extracts, the skin receives deep cleansing and nourishment. Such complex care allows achieving good results: the general condition of the skin is improved, the micro-relief is leveled, the natural processes of the rejuvenation of skin cells are activated, and its elasticity is increased.

The feature of the mask is a thermal effect (warming), which enhances the drainage effects, activates metabolic processes in the deep skin layers, restores the water-fat balance, thereby significantly improving the skin condition, increasing its tone and turgor, eliminating cosmetic defect ) and its causes.

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