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Warming Body Balm
Warming Body Balm "First Aid Kit Dikul" Zhivokost, 4.23 oz/ 125ml
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Warming Body Balm
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Warming Body Balm "First Aid Kit Dikul" Zhivokost, 4.23 oz/ 125ml



Ingredients: water, stearic acid, glycerin, sunflower oil, Cetearyl alcohol, sodium Cetearyl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, lanolin, propylene glycol, chondroitin sulfate, oil extracts of pepper, rosehip, burdock, skullcap, Golden mustache, sabelnik, propylene glycol extract of comfrey (Larkspur), tea tree essential oil, D-panthenol, formic alcohol, mumie, n-(4-nitro-2-phenoxyphenyl)-methanesulfonamide, sodium hydroxide, tetrabutylhydroquinone, citric acid, perfume composition, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, colorant sugar, benzylsalicylate, limonene, hexyl cinnamal, butylphenyl methylpropional.
For the prevention of diseases of the joints and spine, as well as disorders of the musculoskeletal system, after sports and household injuries, in complex treatment.
Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components.
How to use: apply the balm in a circular massaging motion for 3-5 minutes until completely absorbed 2-3 times a day. The minimum course of application is 3-5 weeks.
Purpose: Rheumatism, Joint pain, Warming up, Arthrosis. Arthritis. Osteochondrosis, Muscle pain, Sciatica

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