Uzvar, MIX dried fruits
Uzvar, MIX dried fruits "Sto Pudov" 250g
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Uzvar, MIX dried fruits "Sto Pudov" 250g

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Uzvar is a drink made from a brewed mixture of dried fruits.
The name comes from the word "brew", as dried fruits are only brought to a boil.
Traditional Christmas uzvar of dried fruits (compote") can be drunk not only on holiday, but also in the usual winter evening.
The taste familiar from childhood and a lot of vitamins will bring both joy and benefit!

The composition of the compote mixture from the brand "Hundred Poods"

Includes: dried apples, pears and wild rose.

These fruits are able to maintain their properties for a long time.
Compote mixture "Hundred Poods" is ideal for those who monitor their health and adhere to proper nutrition.
Such a vitamin composition is the best biostimulant for the body. Kompot mixture - one of the favorite drinks of many people. It is often given to children in kindergartens, schools and camps.
This drink is great thirst quencher, has a good taste and extremely useful.
Regular consumption contributes to the saturation of the body with beneficial substances without extra calories. One of the important factors is the general availability of this drink.
Affordable price allows you to enjoy this vitamin drink for almost everyone.

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Ужасный въедливый запах дыма. Не знаю, какими химикатами поливали эти несчастные сухофрукты, но есть их совершенно невозможно.

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