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USSR Badge with Hammer and Sickle
USSR Badge with Hammer and Sickle
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USSR Badge with Hammer and Sickle

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Letters USSR are made in gold and red colors with hammer and sickle that represent the original symbol of the Soviet Republics.

Badge "USSR" (new model) The length of the badge is 3.5 centimeters

The badge is made of metal, and has a reliable mount for chest wear. Such badges are appreciated by collectors and people interested in the history of the country.

The Soviet Union was a unique state in its ideology. The world has never seen a country with such an internal state doctrine before. The main idea of socialism was universal equality and the use of state resources for the benefit of the people.

We have an offer to buy some of the most intriguing items from a bygone country, which in many ways encapsulates its essence - badges issued during the Soviet Union's existence.

Signs and badges have existed in Russia since the era of the Russian Empire. But it was the USSR era that marked the emergence of their mass production, accessibility, and diversity.
There are several reasons: ideological motives, production capabilities, technological progress.
The ideology of the new state required citizens to be aware of their belonging to the society of a great country. Octobrists, pioneers, Komsomol members, communists. All the members of these organizations had their own attributes. Achievements, participation in any socially significant or useful processes, memorable dates - very often all this was accompanied by a reward in the form of a badge. Whether you are a labor striker or an engineer, a doctor or an agricultural worker, an exemplary Red Army soldier or a mother with many children – everyone has their own "reward".


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