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SKU: 314601
Fermented Kvass, Yellow Barrel, 2.5 liters
Fermented Kvass, Yellow Barrel, 2.5 liters
SKU: 314570
Kvass of Natural Fermentation, Rye Barrel, 1.5 liters
SKU: 314569
Unfiltered Fermented Kvass, Yellow Barrel, 1.5 liters
SKU: 314568
Fermented Kvass, Yellow Barrel, 1.5 liters
SKU: 314007
Kvass Yellow Barrel, Trehsosnensky, 0.5l / 16.91 fl oz
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The Trekhsosensky brewery began its history in 1888. The plant was founded by the Markov merchant family in a picturesque place on the lake shore, near three mighty pines, in honor of which it received its name.

It was from this period that the brewery began its long history. At the end of the 19th century, the Trekhsosensky brewery was one of the first in Russia to begin producing beer using European technology. The secret of its bright taste and special freshness was storing beer in barrels made in its own cooperage, which was so successful that it even supplied its products for export. The most valuable varieties of beer were considered Czech, Black, Pilsen and Vienna. Their fame reached the Emperor himself, and in 1910 the Trekhsosensky plant was awarded the official title of “Supplier to the Court of His Imperial Majesty.”

We use old recipes for making beer and produce only natural products - this is our main advantage. After the reconstruction of production capabilities, the product line is actively expanding. Today we offer more than 40 beer items; in the near future we plan to introduce lemonade and kvass into our range.