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Traditional Russian Matryoshka
Traditional Russian Matryoshka "Strawberry ", 10 psc 6"
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Traditional Russian Matryoshka
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Traditional Russian Matryoshka "Strawberry ", 10 psc 6"

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Matryoshka (nesting doll) toy is one of the symbols of Russia. Making one doll manually requires a lot of time and special materials (natural linden-tree, paints and varnishes of ancient recipes).

In Russian traditions, a matryoshka symbolizes family well-being, wealth, and prosperity. For centuries talented Russian craftsmen have been creating these outstanding works of art to show the true beauty of Russian folklore. This matryoshka is a great example of incredible skills of Russian artists. It includes 10 dolls all of which are made with precision and accuracy. 

Present this gift with a meaning to your dear foreign friends and those who are especially fond of rich Russian culture.

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