Traditional Matryoshka Art Kit with Watercolor, 3 pcs, 4.5"

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Traditional Matryoshka Art Kit with Watercolor Description

The kit includes:
- Matryoshka doll
- Watercolor (6 colors)
- Paintbrush
- Instruction

Matryoshka art kit is an original and useful present for your kids. This present simultaneously helps develop child's motor skills, color recognition and also familirizes the kid with the rich and beautiful Russian culture.The matryoshka is made from real wood; it is enviroment friendly. The watercolor is trasparent, waterborne and quick-drying. 

The kit is suitable for children from 3 years.

To make a colorful matryoshka:
- Separate the dolls
- Start with the smallest one
- Add water and mix it with a paint of your choice
- Allow the paint to dry before applying the next color
- Apply basic colors first and then work on detais

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