Moisturizing Gel Face Mask against First Wrinkles (BIO Lab), 3.38 oz/ 100ml

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Natura Siberica

Moisturizing Gel Face Mask against First Wrinkles (BIO Lab) Description

Phytoactivity concentrate organic Altai seabuckthorn, natural moisturizing Pentavitin®, 10 amino acids, polysaccharides 3, natural collagen, 30% vegetable hyaluronic acid, 100% active antioxidants
Hydrating Gel Mask actively fights the first wrinkles and effectively prolongs youth. Its basis is the organic concentrate phytoactivity Altai seabuckthorn, which contains more than 190 beneficial components, as well as fatty acids Omega 3,6,9 and rare Omega-7. The tool has a powerful moisturizing effect, reduces inflammation, stimulates skin regeneration, improving skin tone and elasticity. Regular use of the gel mask improves the quality of the skin, giving it a bright look attractive. The skin glows with youth and health.
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