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Thalasso Body Scrub, Geomar, 85g/3 oz
Thalasso Body Scrub, Geomar, 85g/3 oz
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Thalasso Body Scrub, Geomar, 85g/3 oz
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Thalasso Body Scrub, Geomar, 85g/3 oz

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Exfoliating product, removes dead cells and impurities, leaving the skin soft, radiant, smooth and hydrated, thanks to the natural ingredients contained in its formula:
SEA SALT: skin renewal with a gentle exfoliating effect.
ALMOND EXTRACT AND WHEAT SPROUTS: nourish the skin, increasing the stability of tissues.
OLIGOELEMENTS from the DEAD SEA: restores the radiance and stability of the skin
ESSENTIAL OILS OF ORANGE AND MANDARIN: it has a relaxing effect on your psychophysical state.
Thalasso scrub makes the skin more susceptible to treatment by penetrating into the tissues and maximizing the result.
We recommend using the scrub in combination with Ocean Algae mud or GEOMAR creams against signs of cellulite.
GEOMAR Thalasso scrub prepares the skin before sunbathing, for a bright, uniform and long-lasting tan.


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