Teshcha's Recipes

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SKU: 311223
Selected Dried Oysters Mushrooms, Tescha's Recipes, 25 g/ 0.055 lb
New Perishable
SKU: 310754
Pickled White Cabbage, Tescha's Recipes, 500 g / 1.1 lb
SKU: 3107047
Roasted Red Peppers, Teshcha's Recipes, 1.19 lb/ 540 g
SKU: 3107042
Pickled Cucumbers w/ Currant Leaves Kuban Style, Teshcha's Recipes, 1.9 lb/ 860 g
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SKU: 3106958
Buckwheat Porridge with Mushrooms, Ready-to-Eat, 16.23 oz/ 460 g
SKU: 3106876
Pickled Cherry Tomatoes, Teshcha's Recipes, 2.16 lb/ 980 g
SKU: 3106859
Eggplant Baked Odessa-Style, Teshcha's Recipes, 1.19 lb/ 540 g
SKU: 3106858
Eggplant Caviar, Teshcha's Recipes, 1.19 lb/ 540 g
SKU: 3106417
Premium canned Tomatoes, no vinegar 1.98oz/900g
SKU: 310567
Dry Mushrooms Forest Mix Box, 25gr
Dry Mushrooms Forest Mix Box, 25gr
SKU: 310095
Vegetable Danubian Salad, Teshcha's Recipes, 1.98lb/ 900g
SKU: 310097
Vegetable Ukrainian Style Salad, Teshcha's Recipes, 900g
SKU: 310096
Vegetable Salad Hunter Style, Teshcha's Recipes, 900g
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SKU: 309942
Korean-Style Beets, Teshcha's Recipes, 1.1lb/ 500g
New Perishable
SKU: 309294
Korean-Style Carrots, Teshcha's Recipes, 1.1lb/ 500g
SKU: 309290
Yellow Cabbage, Teshcha's Recipes, 500g
SKU: 308785
Dried Golden Chanterelle Mushrooms, 0.88 oz / 25 gr
SKU: 308784
Dried White Mushrooms "Boletus", 0.88 oz / 25 gr
Sale- 13 % Perishable
SKU: 307655
Marinated Cucumbers in Brine, Teshcha's Recipes, 650 g (soft pack)
SKU: 307002
Marinated Pepper, Teshcha's Recipes, 1.98 lb/ 900 g
SKU: 306891
Pickled Spicy Tomatoes, Teshcha's Recipes, 1.98 lb/900 g
SKU: 203723
Sauerkraut w/Cranberry, Teshcha's Recipes, 900 g
SKU: 203718
Pickled Cucumbers Premium, Teshcha's Recipes, 900 g
Teshcha's Recipes
The company is one of the largest producers of fruits and vegetables in Europe.
Using modern technologies and selected raw materials allow us to produce products without the use of chemical additives, while preserving all the taste and vitamins of fresh vegetables.
All canned goods of TM "Teshcha's Recepies" are produced at a factory in Poland from raw materials grown in ecologically clean areas of Germany and Poland.
Modern technologies allow the production of products without the use of chemical additives with minimal addition of vinegar.
All products have long shelf life and are certified in Europe and Russia according to international quality standards.