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Taiga Harvest

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SKU: 313005
Pickled White Mushrooms, Taiga Harvest, 500 g / 17.64 oz
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SKU: 312828
Marinated Chopped Mossy Mushrooms, Taiga Harvest, 500 g / 1.1lb
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SKU: 312790
Marinated Chopped Aspen Mushrooms (ORANGE CAP BOLETUS), Taiga Harvest, 500 g / 1.1lb
Taiga Harvest

"Taiga Harvest" shares with the consumer the highest quality wild plants — mushrooms collected in ecologically clean regions of the country and selected manually.
Mushrooms are supplemented with a marinade based on vinegar, sugar and salt, spices and garlic, which allows them to preserve their natural taste and aroma for up to three years if stored in a dark place.