New Year Gift Russian Chocolate Candy Mix
New Year Gift Russian Chocolate Candy Mix "Palekh Box", 680g/ 1.5lb
$ 25.99
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New Year Gift Russian Chocolate Candy Mix "Palekh Box", 680g/ 1.5lb

Only chocolate candy from most famous Russian Factories!
Highest quality of amazing chocolate, exclusive fillings, additives and unique recipes will definitely make you a fan of Russian chocolate!

Package type: Tin Box 
Set of Russian chocolates from well-known manufacturers: Babaevsky, Rot Front, Slavyanka, Red October.
Friends from childhood Alyonka, Bear Clubfoot, Little Red Riding Hood, Red Poppy will delight with excellent chocolate and traditional fillings.
Famous Russian Chocolates - tastes that evoke good memories!
The composition may vary slightly.

New Year's holiday is a time of miracles, especially for children.
They are all looking forward to the arrival of Santa Claus and, of course, they want to receive delicious gifts.
First thing that a child sees in the hands of parents or under the Christmas tree is a gift package, and if it is unpresentable, then the mood of the baby can instantly deteriorate.
Good New Year's gift should be bright, colorful, stylized as a favorite good fairy tale.
In anticipation of rattling the box, wondering what kind of sweets are inside, looking at pictures, carefully opening a gift is a special pleasure for a child.
After the sweets are eaten, many children keep a beautiful package for a long time: it gives positive memories, you can put your little things in it.
New Year's packaging made of tin is a reliable protection of a gift and an amazing addition to it.
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