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New Year & Christmas Gift Chocolate & Caramel Candy Mix
New Year & Christmas Gift Chocolate & Caramel Candy Mix "Box "Moroz Ivanovich", 680g/ 1.5lb
$ 19.99
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New Year & Christmas Gift Chocolate & Caramel Candy Mix "Box "Moroz Ivanovich", 680g/ 1.5lb



The box is covered with openwork gold painting, colorful toys and textured patterns, thanks to which it looks simply luxurious! Traditional Russian design is painted with tempera on wood, It is equipped with elegant gold handles.
New Year's holiday is a time of miracles, especially for children. They are all looking forward to the arrival of Santa Claus and, of course, they want to receive delicious gifts.

Set of Russian chocolates and caramels from well-known manufacturers: Babaevsky, Krasny Oktyabr, Slavyanka, Rot Front!
Bars familiar from childhood, a Club-Footed Bear, Red Poppies, Karakum, Mont Blanc, Chamomile will delight with excellent chocolate and traditional fillings.
Fruit and Milk Caramel - a thin body with explosive or, conversely, delicate fillings - classic taste!
Famous Barberry, Duchess - tastes that evoke good memories!
The composition may vary slightly.
First thing that a child sees in the hands of parents or under the Christmas tree is a gift package, and if it is unpresentable, then the mood of the baby can instantly deteriorate. Good New Year's gift should be bright, colorful, stylized as a favorite good fairy tale.
In anticipation of rattling the box, wondering what kind of sweets are inside, looking at pictures, carefully opening a gift is a special pleasure for a child.
After the sweets are eaten, many children keep a beautiful package for a long time: it gives positive memories, you can put your little things in it.

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