Sweet Condensed Milk Varenka, 13 oz / 380 g (Can)

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Sweet Condensed Milk Varenka Description

Condensed milk was produced in the Soviet Union in different variations flavored with cocoa and coffee, with the addition of chicory etc. But one of the most popular versions of this product was boiled condensed milk. At that time it was not trade manufactured commercially, yet almost everyone managed to prepare it domiciliary.
We offer our customers traditional boiled Sweetened condensed milk from reliable Russian company. Due to advanced technologies and long-term experience this manufacturer succeeds in the production of useful, environmentally healthy and incredibly tasty condensed milk that is known and beloved world-wide.
Apart from its delicious taste and flavor Sweetened condensed milk demonstrates evident useful properties. Careful manufacturing process allows to preserve the majority of nutrients and vitamins of primary products. It is especially beneficial for children and nursing mothers.

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