Gold Mask 24k Gold (Natura Siberica BIO)

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Natura Siberica

Gold Mask 24k Gold (Natura Siberica BIO) Description

Phytoactivity cell concentrate organic golden root * 24K pure gold * active complex polysaccharides * rejuvenating neuropeptide SYN®-Ake * 100% high-ceramides. SUPER GOLD anti-aging facials - a luxury anti-aging mask with particles of pure gold (24 carat), which effectively eliminates all visible signs of skin aging! The unique anti-aging properties of gold enhances phytoactivity concentrate Rhodiola rosea (golden root or) and highly advanced components used mainly in the field of plastic surgery. Golden Mask stimulates the regeneration of the skin at the cellular level, effectively smoothes out even the deepest wrinkles, slows the decay processes, improves skin tone and visibly improves the contours of the face, bringing him attractive youth and freshness.

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