Sunflower halva in chocolate glaze with fructose, sugar FREE, Golitcyn, 180 g/ 0.4 lb

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Sunflower halva in chocolate glaze with fructose Description

The product is a sunflower halva made on the basis of fructose (without sugar), covered with high-quality chocolate glaze.
Halva  is any of various dense, sweet confections made in the Middle East, Central and South Asia.

Halva Golitsyn is a healthy, tasty treat made from sunflower seeds.
Fructose is used as a sweetener, making it suitable for people with limited sugar intake.
Halva Golitsyn is made in chocolate glaze, which makes it even more delicious. The product is rich in vitamins a, B, E and is an additional source of minerals.

Vishnevogorsk confectionery factory is one of the recognized leaders in the production of diabetic and sugar-containing confectionery products.
The manufacturer uses the highest quality raw materials of Russian and foreign production.
All production process is under control of technologists therefore you can be sure of quality of our production.
All products are certified and meet sanitary standards.
The absence of preservatives, original packaging, high quality, reas
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I regard the Russian candies I purchased as a breakfast food on the go. They taste natural and delicious, do not over do it. One or two works out with a cup of coffee.