Summer Long Sleeve Russian Telnyashka Shirt, size 56-58 (European XL)

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Summer Long Sleeve Russian Telnyashka Shirt Description

Summer navy telnyashka shirts are manufactured of cotton knitted fabric (100% cotton). Alternating dark blue and white horizontal stripes, 9-12 mm wide. Straight silhouette with two side seams, long sleeves.
Among the variety of underwear there is nothing more versatile than telnyashka. It is a perfect gift for a man. Convenient and practical, close-fitting shirt emphasizes all the advantages of the male figure, does not fetter free hand movements, brings the fighting spirit and comfort.
Nowadays telnyshka is getting more and more popularity. Young men incorporate it in their casual style, fishermen use it to keep warm in winter, soldiers wear it almost on a daily basis. That's why the demand for this type of clothing remains consistently high for many years.
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