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Studio Watercolors Set 16 Colors in Pans, Sonnet
Studio Watercolors Set 16 Colors in Pans, Sonnet
$ 9.99
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Studio Watercolors Set 16 Colors in Pans, Sonnet



—The high pigment’s saturation
—Elegance, brightness and color purity

Watercolours produced by APP “Nevskaya palitra” are very famous and well known all over the world.
Watercolours are fine suspensions of high-quality pigments, their combinations with fillers in the binder comprising aqueous solution of vegetable adhesives (gum arabic, dextrin) with plasticizer, surfactants and antiseptics addition. They are used for painting, drawing and architectural designs.

Fine ground pigment with binder provides the covering ability increased, high transparency in saturation tone and clarity that allows applying the much thinner painting layer on the surface than using oil paints or tempera.

We represent the following lines of watercolours: “White Nights”, “Ladoga”, “Sonnet”.
We keep the traditional production receipts but don’t forget to apply modern technology. Nowadays watercolor palette for painting consists of 64 colors.
“White Nights” are professional watercolours of the highest quality that combine old masters' traditions and modern production techniques.
The paints are produced of the finely ground pigments and binders adding Gum Arabic which is recognized as the best natural adhesive for professional watercolours.
The colours have high intensity colour hues, which do not tone down even when much water is added. This is provided by the high concentration and fine grit of a pigment.
The paints have perfect mixing, smearing and spreading qualities.
The palette consists mostly of mono pigment and lightfastcolours.

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Arrived on time and as expected. Gorgeous colors, rightfully priced. Will buy again.

very nice watercolour set at a reasonable price. thanks

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